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Keep mousetraps, rat poison, and bug poison in your attic if you store antique furniture or textiles there. If there are children or animals in the house, be sure the poisons are in childproof containers.



#2 Be 2013-01-26 08:35
Kovell's recently suggested mousetraps and poison for pest control that would protect your antiques in storage. I have wonderful antiques and, of course, I want to keep them safe from damage. However, I do not want to cause suffering to any animal and both traps and poison case extreme suffering. Sticky traps are the worst possible option. Mice will try and fail to escape them, by eating off their own feet.
I wrap my valuable antiques in aluminum foil. This inert material is a viable alternative to other archival wrappings and I have never had a mouse or a chipmunk chew through it. Also, please consider humane live traps. Just remember to check them often and to release the animal in a safe area. When making a choice about any animal, please choose the humane and ethical one. World Animal Foundation (WAF) Columnist "All Creatures Great and Small".
#1 How to remove mineral deposits from glasslilaclynx 2013-01-16 19:15
I recently discovered a remedy for mineral deposits on antique glassware and bottles. We had purchased a carnival glass bowl that had beautiful irredesence, but also a ring of mineral deposits around the inside of the bowl caused by a previous owner putting flowers or a plant in it with water left for a long time in it. I had recently purchased a new, stronger toilet bowl cleaner(Lysol 3X)so decides to try it as the bowl could not be sold as it was. I used an old sponge, wore rubber gloves, and put the Lysol full strength on it and let it set for several hours. It removed every last speck of it! Also it did not do any harm to the irridescence on the bowl. I would not use it on any thing that is hand painted as it would probably remove it, but it would also work on antique bottles or vases with mineral deposites inside of them. You can salvage many glass items with these issues.

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