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Ephemera collectors should make a note that postage is going up. A postcard will need a 33-cent stamp and a first class letter, a 46-cent stamp. The postage rate is a good way to date vintage letters and postcards.



#3 post office challengesmzbun 2012-12-13 20:23
The U.S. Post Office does not run in the red. If the Post Office had not been required by Congress during the later part of the Bush administration to fund its retirement fund out 75 years at $5 billion a year, they wouldn't be having fiscal problems that affect who? The workers and the public, of course. Mail delivery employees carrying heavy mailbags should not have to walk as fast as they can and cut across residents' lawns to shave time from their routes. Meanwhile, the fat fund is sitting there for government raiding. At least $20 billion has already been "borrowed" from it by the Fed. Their use of this fund money is never part of the federal budget. Call your U.S. senators and representatives and demand to know what they will do to take this unreasonable burden off the Postal Service, and when will the Fed repay the "loan". The "need" for closing offices and cutting service is a result of this unnecessary burden on one of our most traditional, reliable, and well-loved institutions.
#2 judd 2012-11-15 09:41
When is the U.S. Gov't. going to realize that the higher the stamp prices, the more people will use e-mail for corespondence. (cards, letters, on-line bill pay, etc.) Lets stop Saturday delivery to start. If that doesn't work, what would be wrong with four, 10 hr. days for mail delivery? Employees would still be working 40 hrs. a week. This isn't rocket science.
#1 Postage Rate Hikemazm57 2012-11-15 00:55
Because the price of stamps will raise in January, now it the time to buy enough "Forever" stamps for the current 45cent price and save $. "Forever" stamps purchased now are still valid after the rate raise. They can be used 'forever'.

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