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Q: I own a square porcelain platter with flowers painted around the border and a central scene of two young girls playing in a grassy field. It’s marked “PM” on the bottom. I was able to do enough research to learn that it was made between 1895 and 1910 by the Moschendorf Porcelain Factory of Hof-Moschendorf, Bavaria, Germany. But I can’t find another platter like it online and I’m hoping it’s rare and worth a lot. Is it?

A: No. Your platter is in a traditional Victorian style popular at the turn of the 20th century. Assuming it was made by the factory you identified, the dish is not by a famous manufacturer and it’s probably not part of a set that can be matched with other dishes. It would sell today for $25 to $50. But do take another look at the mark. Other German companies used marks that ended in “PM.” One of those was the Royal Porcelain Manufacturing Co., which marked its wares “KPM.”



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