Q: About 33 years ago, I was metal detecting around Lompoc, Calif. I found a Boy Scout coin with the Scout logo on one side and, on the other, the saying, “When you have done your good deed for the day, secretly pass the coin from one pocket to the other.” I have been unable to find any information about this coin. Can you help?

A: Robert Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts in England in 1907. The Boy Scout movement in the United States started in 1910. “Do a good turn daily” is the Boy Scout slogan. Scout “good deed” coins have been around for years and are not valuable. Today’s Scouts can flip the coin virtually on a smart phone. The “Good Turn” iPhone app records the date, time and location of the Scout’s good turn. It keeps a list of the deeds and can also display the location of the good deed on a map of the world.