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Kovels.com, the web’s largest free antiques and collectibles price guide, has just added more than 42,000 prices and 2,600 new color pictures of priced antiques from the 2011 edition of their well-known book, Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide. Like the book, the user-friendly Kovels.com online price guide is organized into over 725 categories that represent the most popular collecting interests—including Art Pottery, Depression Glass, Furniture, Jewelry, Sports Memorabilia, Toys and more. And each category includes a short description and history.

The Kovels.com online price guide is useful to both new and experienced collectors. It is a report of asked-for prices, gathered and edited by Kovels from sales at shops, shows, flea markets, auctions, magazines, newspapers, online sales, dealers, and other knowledgeable sources. No estimates here, no “suggested” prices. And all of the over 800,000 prices are dated so you can see what prices were both now and years ago—information used to identify market trends and as a guide for buying, selling, appraising, or dividing an inheritance.

You can find almost anything among the Kovels’ added prices and thousands of pictures. A 3-foot-long brass safety pin sold for $94. A brass Victorian “skirt lifter” shaped like a hand is $285. There were even antique brass knuckles that sold for $690. The highest priced piece is a Tiffany Laburnum lamp for $422,500. The lowest price is 15 cents for a 1950 milk bottle cap for Morill Milk.

The Kovels are authors of books and other publications for collectors of antiques and almost antiques. Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2012 is the Kovels’ 100th published book, completely fresh from the bottom up. With more than 40,000 new prices and 2,500 new full-color pictures, it is the book to take to flea markets, garage sales, auctions, antique shops or shows, whether you want to buy, sell, evaluate or collect with confidence.

Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide

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