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The entire country is experiencing a heat wave, leaving us wondering how Grandma beat the heat in the 1920s. She likely used an electric desk fan like this. It sold at a recent Skinner auction in Boston for $86.Emerson electric fan













The fan was made by the Emerson Manufacturing Company of St. Louis. It's about 18 inches tall, has 3 speeds, and oscillates back and forth. The patented brass blades are designed to give the best distribution of air with the least hum. Millions of these fans were made by Emerson until the Depression in 1930. Electric fans are serious collectibles to the members of the Antique Fan Collectors Association,

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#3 Vintage Brass Fans (Small sized)dwwavek 2011-08-18 13:44
I sold one awhile back (though in a away wish I had kept it (though can not keep everything!)
So ld online (it was almost mint) a GE with the ? safe brackets to protect fingers,it ran so smooth
and quiet,it was my Grandmother's,( Sold for around $150.00+) to a person whose return address was Colonial Williamsburg, Va. (I realize that it would not be used in a Colonial House etc.
Always wondered though Who bought it, and ironically in the mid 1980's prior to owning the fan( We lived in Williamsburg for a bit over 1 year on Capital Landing Road (We rented a small house) *Great Topic and will check out the collectors club. I do believe We sold it as We had small children and were concerned about safety and also realized the value of these (the coin operated ones are neat, where x amount of time the fan runs for a penny or nickel. I have seen pictures of them for sale but never a real one in person
Enjoyed the article and feel bad for the $5.00 sale
We made some too and others sold for prices beyond belief. dwwavek
#2 Oooopsjansheets 2011-08-03 16:23
Just sold one similar for $5. Lesson learned, check the old stuff out before selling!
#1 Found twofamilytreasures 2011-07-30 08:00
We found two of these while cleaning out my Dad's workshop this past week and had no idea what they are worth. Thanks Kovels.

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