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Millions of collectors visited in 2008 looking for prices for their favorite antiques and collectibles. Here are 50 favorites out of the 700,000+ listings in the Online Price Guide.

  1. Spatterware Festoon Plate
  2. Monmouth Crock
  3. Berkey & Gay Furniture Catalog
  4. Hutschenreuther Figurine
  5. Capo-di-monte Basket
  6. Cow Bell
  7. Home Comfort Stove
  8. Chrome Cocktail Shaker
  9. Bowie Knife
  10. Schumann Arzberg Bavarian Plate
  11. Fada Catalin Radio
  12. Clarabell the Clown Figurine
  13. Beech Nut Gum Poster
  14. Occupied Japan Ashtray
  15. Cushman Humidors & Tables Catalog
  16. Flow Blue Bone Dish
  17. Pickle Castor
  18. RRP Water Cooler
  19. Moreau Spelter Figurine
  20. Thomas Bavarian Cup & Saucer
  21. Pee Wee Herman Costume
  22. Nautial Compass
  23. Indian Chief Bookends
  24. Smokey & the Bandit Costume
  25. Shenango Restaurant Ashtray
  1. Scientific Chronometer
  2. Radio Flyer Wagon
  3. Man at Hollywood & Vine Toy
  4. A. Walter Bookends
  5. John Stuart Hutch
  6. Celluloid Hair Receiver
  7. Field Binoculars
  8. Miss Kitty Gunsmoke Costume
  9. Victorian Floor Safe
  10. Campus Queen Lunchbox & Thermos
  11. Super Magnum Motorcylce Helmet
  12. Ponytail Barbie Guitar
  13. MZ Austria Bone Dish
  14. Jaeger & Co. Bavarian Plate
  15. Heubach Piano Baby
  16. Swashbucklers Bookends
  17. Vose & Sons Pianos Trade Card
  18. Radford Floral Chintz Cup & Saucer
  19. Maastricht Charger
  20. Chrome Canister Set
  21. Swirl Pickle Castor
  22. Victrola Phonograph
  23. Laundry Stove
  24. Campbell's Soup Kids Dish
  25. Drexel Federal Dining Set


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