The Kovels' Top Twenty list is based on the results of hundreds of thousands of searches that took place on its website during October, 2008. Occupied Japan remains on top, proving is one of the web's best sources for Occupied Japan collectibles prices.

Shirley Temple is back on Kovels' Top Twenty after a long absence. Shirley Temple, the famous movie star, was born in 1928. She made her first movie in 1932. After her movie days, she married, and as Shirley Temple Black she was appointed a delegate to the United Nations in 1969. She later served as United States Ambassador to Ghana (1974 to 1976), and as Ambassador to Czechoslovakia (1989 to 1992).

Shirley Temple dolls were first made in 1934 by Ideal Toy Company. The doll pictured here was made by Ideal in the 1950s. It is 14 inches high and sold for $118 at a recent Garth's auction. Thousands of items picturing Shirley have been and are still being made. Search for more Shirley Temple collectibles here or in Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 2009.
The complete Top Twenty for October 2008 are:

1. Occupied Japan
2. Stove
3. Jewelry
4. World War II
5. Silver Plate
6. Coca-Cola
7. Capo-di-Monte
8. Furniture
9. Planters Peanuts
10. Shawnee
11. Knife
12. Lladro
13. Josef Originals
14. Bookends
15. Shirley Temple
16. Davy Crockett
17. Rosenthal
18. Lighter
19. Royal Bayreuth
20. McCoy

Visitors use Kovels' website and price guides for a number of reasons, the most common that they are trying to find the value of an item they own. If an item isn't listed on the Top Twenty list, it doesn't mean that it's unpopular or that there isn't a demand for it. It only means that in September there was less interest.