Daylight Savings Time began this weekend. You know what that means ... Spring is just around the corner! The warmer the weather gets, the more anxious collectors are to get out of the house and hunt for bargains. Ralph and Terry are veteran flea market and antiques show scouts. Here are a few of the things you'd find in their shopping "kit."

  • Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List-the 2008 edition is better than ever with more photos to help identify great finds.
  • Kovels' Numbers You Need to Know-lists dates, patent numbers, and historical eras that will help you verify the age of collectibles before you purchase them.
  • A tape measure-handy to make sure furniture will fit through the door after you get it home.
  • A magnet-tests metals to help you avoid buying a fake or reproduction.
  • A flashlight-helps you look for labels on the underside or the back of furniture.
  • A rain poncho-big enough to wear over your bag to keep you and your purchases dry.
And they carry all of it in a Kovels Newsboy Bag! Learn more to help you plan ahead for antiquing with Kovels' Flea Market Strategies guide.