The Kovels' top 20 list is based on the results of hundreds of thousands of searches that took place on its website during the month of August 2007. Jewelry still shines at the top of the list. World War II memorabilia, Coca-Cola collectibles, Stoves and Silverplate have been top areas of interest for visitors for the past three months. Furniture and dolls continue to be favorites.

The list can also reflect a special interest often influenced by current news or auctions. The thirtieth anniversary of Elvis Presley's death on August 16th reminds us that vintage Elvis items still sell well, especially on eBay.

The complete Top Twenty for August 2007 are:

1. Jewelry
2. Lunch box
3. Coca-Cola
4. Stove
5. Furniture
6. World War II
7. Occupied Japan
8. Silverplate
9. Cookie jar
10. Lighter
11. Painting
12. Toy
13. McCoy
14. Doll
15. Lladro
16. Clock
17. Knife
18. Radio
19. Elvis Presley
20. Pottery

People use Kovels' price guides and website for a number of reasons, the most common being that they are just trying to determine the value of a specific item that they own. If an item is not listed on the top 20 list, it does not necessarily mean that it is unpopular or that there is not a demand for it. It only means that in August there was less interest.