10. A 65-million year old Raptoroid dinosaur egg nest displaying egg embryos sold for $419,750 at Bonhams. (Update: the sale was cancelled when authorities identified the nest as stolen).
9. The Metropolitan Museum of Art deaccessioned some plaster casts of architectural details made for study between 1883 and 1895. Top price at Sotheby's: $51,000 for a relief of a lion 34 x 51 inches. And that was for a copy of a piece of art.
8. We never even knew you could buy a completely equipped haunted house until one was auctioned in Ohio. The 13-room walk-through "Haunted Mansion" sold for $36,200 alongside other gruesome oddities at the Halloween/Haunt Norton auction. Who wants this stuff? Buyers came from more than eight states and from overseas.
7. Bonhams sold an automatic platinum wristwatch with the date and moon phases for $9,350. Seems like a reasonable price when you realize the dial of the watch was made from a meteorite found by Robert E. Peary in 1894.
6. The wooden gallows used in Cook County, Illinois, to hang convicts from 1886 to 1927 sold for $68,000 at a Mastro Auction. It had been stored, then sold to a theme park, then offered for sale.