Red Wing Bob White hors d'oeuvres holder

Every month, the Top 10 list shows the interests of the collectors that visit our site. See what your fellow antique enthusiasts were busy looking up in June 2012:

  1. Occupied Japan
  2. Doll
  3. Jewelry
  4. Coca-Cola
  5. Bottle
  6. Red Wing
  7. Clocks
  8. Royal Copley
  9. Bavaria
  10. Royal Bayreuth

Pictured—a Red Wing Pottery (No. 6 on the list) hors d’oeuvres holder in the Bob White pattern. Bob White was introduced in 1954 and was Red Wing’s best selling dinnerware pattern until the pottery closed in 1967. It was advertised as “dinner-dressy” and “patio-perfect.” This 8 1/2-inch bird-shaped holder has four rows of tiny holes to hold toothpicks of your favorite appetizers and sells for $25 to $50.

Keep searching and stay tuned for July’s Top 10!