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  • The Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC

    The Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC

    New York City’s Four Seasons Restaurant is moving out of Mies van der Rohe’s Seagram Building on Manhattan’s east side after 57 years. The majority of the contents from the...

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  • Halloween Collectibles – Wicked Prices

    Halloween Collectibles – Wicked Prices

    Decorating for Halloween is not only fun but could be profitable. Before you think about tossing your old Halloween decorations, read about what is worth saving. This dancing witch and...

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  • Cereal Boxes Full of Surprises

    Cereal Boxes Full of Surprises

    When 1950s and 1960s kids sat down at the breakfast table, the cereal box provided captivating reading and games. Collectors look for boxes with interesting graphics and premiums. This vintage...

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  • Southern Furniture

    Southern Furniture

    Southern furniture made in the 19th-century for special purposes is doing well retaining its value. It’s easy to see why collectors are captivated by the design and rich history of...

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  • Fruit Jar Sale, Jam-Packed

    Fruit Jar Sale, Jam-Packed

    Fruit jar collectors couldn’t bottle up their excitement when about 80 jars from a private collection sold at a New Jersey bottle sale. The star of the fruit jar auction...

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  • Crazy Prices for Quilts

    Crazy Prices for Quilts

    Quilts were made to be used: for curling up in on a winter’s night, commemorating a special occasion, or sealing a friendship. But despite their utilitarian purpose, they are heralded...

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