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  • Bicycles Recycled!

    Bicycles Recycled!

    Collectors often look for bicycles that remind them of the bike that they rode when they were little. In the 1950s and 60s, most kids wanted a Schwinn like this...

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  • Sewer Tile Figures: Fun, Folksy Finds

    Sewer Tile Figures: Fun, Folksy Finds

    Sewer tile art was made from clay left over by manufacturers of sewer drain pipes. Animals and birds are the most popular forms. Unique ashtrays, banks, paperweights, planters and bigger...

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  • Smooth Sales For Sadirons

    Smooth Sales For Sadirons

    Sadirons popular from the late 1800s used heavy metal and heat to remove wrinkles. Models had detachable handles and rollers for ruffles. This combination sadiron/fluter has a John Hewitt style...

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  • Midcentury Blenko Buys

    Midcentury Blenko Buys

    Blenko is best known for its brightly colored glass tableware and vases. Pieces are typically tall and slender like this 17-inch waisted vase. Collectors look for rare or experimental colors....

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  • Toy Robots: Grown-up Prices

    Toy Robots: Grown-up Prices

    Toy robots brought stellar prices at a recent sale. Early, rare robots in original boxes get the highest prices. This midcentury battery-operated Target Robot, one of the Gang of Five...

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  • Chair Styles — Chippendale

    Chair Styles — Chippendale

    It is possible to identify the style of a chair and when it was made by analyzing its parts. You may be able to discover who made the chair by...

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