Many dolls have been made to resemble movie and television stars, celebrities, fictional heroes, heroines, and comic characters. Some of the most famous are Charlie Chaplin (1915), Mickey Mouse (1930), Shirley Temple (1934), the Dionne Quintuplets (1935), Jackie Kennedy (1961), David Cassidy and The Partridge Family (1970s), Elvis Presley (1980s), and Princess Diana (1990s). Famous advertising symbols that have been made into dolls include Aunt Jemima (1905); the Campbell Kids (1910); Rastus, the Cream of Wheat chef (1922); the Kellogg bears (1925); Sprout (Green Giant, 1960s); and Planters Mr. Peanut (1960s). The list is almost endless. These dolls and other celebrity and trademark dolls popular with collectors can be dated easily.

Celebrity Dolls

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