Rare The War of the Worlds movie poster sells for nearly $22,000. Are you scared of Martians traveling in flat saucers with what looks like a bendable streetlamp? Well, the 1953 movie The War of the Worlds scared plenty of moviegoers. In brand-new “Technicolor,” no less. The movie, based on a story by H.G. Wells, spawned many space horror movies in the decades that followed. A remake did well in 2005 starring Tom Cruise. Movie poster fans (or just those who sold or gave away a similar poster) might be shaking from the price. One of only five known surviving British promotional film posters recently sold for almost $22,000. The poster, sold by the original owner who bought it in 1953 when the film was released, was sold through the British Ewbank’s auctions in its Vintage Posters sale. The 30-by-40-inch quad poster was made for the British release of the film.

the war of the worlds movie poster

Photo: Ewbank’s





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