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  • Accolay - Find Your Hidden Treasures

    Accolay - Find Your Hidden Treasures

    This perky lady was purchased from a street vendor on a trip to France in the ʻ60s. She is marked "Accolay." In a recent internet search, I learned that she...

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  • Bicycles on a Roll

    Bicycles on a Roll

    Bicycle collecting is on a roll! Buyers from all over the world were attracted to a New York auction that included bicycles and related collectibles. This 1980s Spacelander bike sold...

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  • Spot Valuable Campaign Buttons

    Spot Valuable Campaign Buttons

    Political buttons sell well in an election year as an Ohio auction proved. Memorabilia for losing candidates, like this 1936 Alf Landon button, can fetch high prices. Political controversies and...

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  • Farm Advertising Signs Sell

    Farm Advertising Signs Sell

    Collectors bet the farm on vintage signs at a May sale in Iowa. Eye catching graphics with bright colors claimed the top prices. Evidence of use seemed to add character...

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  • Caftans: Vintage and Versatile

    Caftans: Vintage and Versatile

    Caftans from the 1960s and ‘70s flowed in every color at a sale in Illinois. Sophisticated and easy to wear, the vintage caftans sold for a fraction of the prices...

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