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Dead Sea Scroll Fragments in D.C. Museum Are Fakes

Visitors to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., have been awed by 16 fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest known pieces of the.....

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Future Collectibles Reflect Caring Companies, Communities

Unique times create unique collecting opportunities that will someday be important to historians. One of the numerous acts of community we are .....

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Fabergé Miniature Sedan Chair Sells High

Wow! A Fabergé miniature sedan chair sold for $598,453, four times its highest estimate, at Cotswold Auction Company in Gloucestershire, Engla.....

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Happy #whatsitwednesday!

Be the first to guess what the pictured item is by leaving a comment below. If you have your own whatsit, our editors can include it in a futur.....

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Wells Fargo Buckles

Old fakes never die. They just hide for a few years and reappear after they are forgotten. The largest fake scam of the 1970s was the Wells Far.....

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Oil Lamps

Many eighteenth century lamps used oil even whale oil as the fuel burned to get …..   .....

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