Q:I keep an old tin toy truck stored away in an old Sharps toffee tin. I was going to ask you a question about my truck, but I’ve become more interested in the toffee tin. It’s a cylinder covered in paper painted to look like a dandy. He’s wearing a monocle and carrying a cane. The round tin top is shaped like a hat with a brim. It’s marked “The Happynak Series, British Made.” How old is it and is it worth saving?

A:Edward Sharp & Sons was founded in Maidstone, Kent, England, in 1911. Its “Sharps Kreemy Toffee” was sold in all sorts of decorative tins until the company closed in 1999 when it became part of Cadbury. Your tin is an early one, perhaps made as early as 1930. Old figural tins are collectible and, in good condition, sell for $50 to $150. Prices are even higher more for popular brands. Keep it away from sticky hands and bright light.

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