Q         To commemorate a longtime friendship, a friend gave us a Tiffany & Company crystal regulator mantel clock. It is solid brass and measures 15 by 9 inches. It works well. Our friend said it was from the 1820s, but he was unable to find written information. Do you have any information about this wonderful clock and would you have a possible value?

        First of all, Tiffany & Company was established in 1837 as Tiffany & Young. The name “Tiffany & Co.” didn’t become official until 1853. And while your clock says Tiffany & Co. on the dial, Tiffany did not make it. They contracted with several makers, mostly in Europe, to produce clocks they sold in their shops. Crystal regulator clocks were popular at the end of the 19th century. Most of the ones sold by Tiffany & Co. had movements by French companies such as S. Marti, Japy Freres, Vincenti and LeCoultre. The name Tiffany & Co. appears on the dial but since the movements are enclosed, it’s hard to determine the maker. Tiffany crystal regulator clocks sell from about $150 up to about $1,000. Examples that are more ornate, with added figural details or champlevé enamel decoration, can sell for more.

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