Q:My mother left me a very modern-looking breakfast set for one, at least I think that's what it is. There's a duck-shaped teapot, creamer, sugar, tea cup and saucer and a tray to hold everything. Maybe for breakfast in bed? The bottom is stamped with a Theodore Haviland mark and a script signature that has two initials and the name "Sandoy." I love the set because the amusing ducks' heads come off the serving pieces and all the pieces are bright yellow

A:Edouard-Marcel Sandoz (not Sandoy) was an important designer. He was born in Switzerland in 1881 but worked in France most of his career. In 1916 he became a designer for Theodore Haviland and created hundreds of designs for figurines, tableware, trays, boxes, vases, inkwells and more. He designed many art deco animals that were used to decorate not only coffee and tea sets, but also pitchers, vases and flower frogs. Sandoz created his famous duck-shaped coffee or tea sets in about 1916. They were decorated in yellow, blue, red or other bright colors. Sandoz died in 1971, but his designs are still popular. The duck set was reproduced in the 1970s. An original set sold recently for $3,200.