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Q: We inherited a beautifully made wax Father Christmas figure. He is about 24 inches tall and the stand he's on is sewn onto his clothing. There is a paper label on him that says "Wax Doll Made and Dressed by Lewis Sorensen." There is no year, but I think he made these Christmas dolls in the 1970s. Can you tell us what we should insure it for?

A: Lewis Sorensen (1910-1986) was known for his wax dolls and figures, but he was also a clothing designer and an artist. He began advertising his dolls in magazines in the 1930s, and by the late 1940s doll-making was his main business. He made dolls representing U.S. presidents, first ladies, other historical figures, literary characters, and Christmas figures from several countries. He also made life-size figures for a theme park in Santa Claus, Ind., and for Ripley's "Believe It or Not" museums. In 1971 he started a line of Santa Claus dolls. Your figure is probably one in this line. Some of Sorensen's Father Christmas figures hold Christmas greens in front and have a basket on the back, and some hold toy soldiers. Your figure would sell for about $850.

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#1 Selling Pere Noel doll?HomeEc 2013-12-13 02:24
Have a similar, but older Pere Noel doll from Au Nain Bleu in Paris. How would I go about selling it?

Also old Lenci girl doll in perfect condition from 1960's 15" tall. Thanks!

Carole F. Fisher

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