Q: I’ve heard that 1950s-’60s furniture is now collectible. We have a coffee table stamped “Declaration by Drexel” on the bottom. It also has numbers and “3/61.” There is a circle of 12 inlaid wood dots in the middle of the top. The top is 60 inches by 22 inches and the table is about 15 inches high. What is it worth?

A: Midcentury modern is collectible now. It seems people want what their grandparents had, not what they grew up with. The Declaration line of Drexel furniture included dining room, living room, and bedroom furniture. It was designed by Kipp Stewart and Stewart McDougall, popular California designers. Drexel Furniture Co. was founded in Drexel, N.C., in 1903. Drexel is now part of the Heritage Home Group in High Point, N.C., and the brand is called Drexel Heritage. The numbers indicate your walnut table with rosewood inlay was made in March 1961. If it’s in good condition, it will sell for a good price, but prices vary depending on where it’s sold. Some dealers in midcentury modern pieces price this table at over $1,000, but one sold at auction a few years ago for $275 and it’s been offered online for less.

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