Q: Is there any value to the old toys given out with McDonald’s Happy Meals?

A: McDonald’s introduced Happy Meals in 1979. The meal came in a box decorated like a circus wagon and included a “McDoodler” stencil, McDonaldland character eraser, ID bracelet, puzzle lock, spinning top or “McWrist” wallet, a wristwatch-shape wallet. Millions of Happy Meal toys have been made since then. Disney toys were first included in 1987 and Teenie Beanie Babies in 1997. These toys appealed to adult collectors as well as children. Toys are tested to make sure they are safe for young children before they are included in Happy Meals. A choice of a toy for a boy, a girl or a child 3 years old or under is usually offered today. Toys from McDonald’s Happy Meals are often listed for sale online. Most sell for $5 or less.



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  1. Wheeler1 says:

    This article from 2012. None of this information is relevant. Have anything updated???

  2. CarolAWright says:

    I would like to hear from anyone that would be interested in purchasing any of my over 700 McD HM Premiums. They are still packaged. I have some dating back to the 1980, and as current as 2001.

  3. CarolAWright says:

    I have about 750 Happy Meal Premiums that I would like to sell. Can you tell me how to get in touch with people that like to buy these? They date from the 1980’s to 2001. Thank you, Carol Wright

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