Q: Through an estate, I recently acquired a copy of an April 15, 1865, edition of the New York Herald. It’s devoted to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. It is preserved in a plastic envelope. An appraiser told me it would be a good idea to have it professionally framed under glass. What is it worth?

A: The value of an original April 1865 newspaper covering Lincoln’s assassination depends on its condition. Prices can reach hundreds and even thousands of dollars for complete newspapers in excellent condition. Collectors want a complete newspaper, not just the front page. Don’t frame your newspaper. Keep it preserved in an archival case and away from light. The New York Herald is one of the prized Lincoln newspapers. The others are the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Chronicle. Most original April 15 Heralds had eight pages. One of the morning editions had only four. Original Heralds did not have Lincoln’s picture on the front page. Later reprints have a picture. The reprints, made a short time after the originals, usually have four pages. They are not valuable.


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