Q I have the L.G. Wright Paneled Grape Ruby punch bowl, underplate, and 12 cups. They aren’t marked. Did they ever not mark their items? It’s gorgeous but I don’t know if it’s a repo. can I ask close to the price you have it listed for in 2008?

A L.G. Wright Glass Company of New Martinsville, West Virginia, was founded in 1937. The company reproduced pressed glassware made by other manufacturers, used molds from other glassmakers, and made some of its own designs. Most L.G. Wright glassware is not marked. Some is marked with an underlined ”W” in a circle. Pieces made from old Northwood molds are marked with an altered Northwood mark that makes the ”N” look like a wobbly ”W.” The factory closed in 1999. Hundreds of its molds were sold to other companies and are still being used. The prices since 2008 have gone up and down. A Paneled Grape Ruby punch bowl, underplate, and 12 punch cups was listed online at $150. Another site listed the punch bowl alone for $120.

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