Q: I have an old table brought here from Germany years ago. There is a mark on the bottom that says “Kiel Furniture Co.” Can you tell me anything about the maker?

A: Stories about things handed down in a family don’t always turn out to be true. Your table didn’t come from Germany; it was made in Wisconsin. Kiel Manufacturing Co. was founded in Milwaukee in 1892. There were many German cabinetmakers in the area and an ample supply of lumber from Wisconsin forests. The name of the company was changed to Kiel Furniture Co. in 1907, so your table was made after the name change. The company also operated a factory in Milwaukee from 1910 to 1932. The name of the company became A.A. Laun Furniture Co. in 1932. It is still in business.


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  1. Radarintercept says:

    I have a 48″ round Kiel oak pedestal table that expands to 6.5 feet with five (5) chairs. It and the chairs are in very good condition. Please give me some idea what the set is worth.

  2. sturat says:

    i have an old table that has a ink stamp that shows a large circle with a small circle centered at top with a “k” centered in it. written under that is ” KIEL furniture ” below that is Milwaukee Wis. . around the lower ring reads guaranteed Quality . how do i date this ?
    thanks sturat

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