Q:I bought a wooden night table at an auction years ago. It's a 1950s style, but the finish is reddish brown, not blond. The single drawer in the stand is marked "Heywood-Wakefield" within a circle. Also in the circle mark are the initials "HW" and an eagle's head. Below the circle the mark says, "Est. 1826." How old is the night table and what is it worth?

A:Heywood-Wakefield Co. of Gardner, Mass., traces its history back to 1826, but it didn't start using the name Heywood-Wakefield until 1921 and it began using the eagle trademark in 1946. So your nightstand dates from the late 1940s or early '50s. Not all Heywood-Wakefield furniture was blond. The company offered other finishes, including one called "amber." If your nightstand is in excellent shape with its original finish, it could sell for a few hundred dollars. Heywood-Wakefield closed in 1979, but the brand and designs were resurrected in 1992 by South Beach Furniture Co. of Miami Beach.