Q: My friend asked me if I still had my Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Hartland figures because she read that they were worth a lot of money. I not only have Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, but also Hartland’s Lone Ranger and Tonto. They are on their original horses and all of the accessories—hats, saddles, reins, guns and rifles—are in excellent condition. Please let me know how much they are worth. I have not decided if I want to give them to my grandnieces or not.

A: Your Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Bullet (their dog), Lone Ranger and Tonto figurines on horses were made by Hartland Plastics of Hartland, Wis. In 1953 Hartland introduced a series of miniature military and Western figures depicting real and fictional American heroes, wranglers and gunfighters, many mounted on their horses. Early figures were generic cowboys, cowgirls, palominos and pintos. In 1954, stars of early TV Westerns were created. They were made until 1963. In good condition, each of these figures sells for about $50 to $350, and even more if they are in their original boxes. Hartland is also known for its more famous—and more expensive—baseball players, made from 1958 until 1993.


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