Q I have a book titled ZRS-4 Ring Laying by Good Year Zeppelin, Akron, Ohio, U.S.A. Nov. 7, 1929, in good condition. I am interested in the value.

A Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation was formed in 1923, when Goodyear, an Akron company, and Zeppelin, a German company, began working together. The ZRS-4 was a helium-filled rigid aircraft carrier made for the U.S. Navy and, when built, was the largest airship ever made in the United States. It could carry, launch, and retrieve five Sparrowhawk biplanes, which were used for reconnaissance. Construction started on October 31 and the ”golden rivet” was driven into the ship’s keel ring on November 7. The ZRS-4 was christened the USS Akron when construction was finished in 1931. Booklets and medals commemorating the ring-laying ceremony were made. The USS Akron crashed in a weather-related incident in 1933.The commemorative medals have sold for about $100 in recent years. You should contact an antiquarian book dealer to see what your book is worth.

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