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Collectors Questions

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  • Russel Wright Dinnerware

    Q: I received a set of Russel Wright dishes when I got married in 1958.All that remains is an oval vegetable dish. It’s marked on the back “Russel Wright by Knowles, Snowflower, Made in U.S.A.” Would this have any value?



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  • Crocker Chair Company

    Q: We’re cleaning out my father’s house and found a Windsor rocking chair with the label “Crocker Chair Company, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.” We’re wondering if it’s an antique. What is it worth?



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  • Somerset Potters Jug

    Q: I have a stoneware jug that was passed down to me from my grandmother. It’s 14 inches high and is decorated with a blue flower in a pot and the name “Somerset Potters Works” and the number “2.” The jug has a handle and its original cork. It’s larger at the top than at the bottom. I’m downsizing and would like to sell it. What is a good price for both the buyer and me?



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  • Charm bracelet Cigarette Pack Charms

    Q: Can you tell me the value of a charm bracelet with four cigarette packs on it? It has packs of Camel, Chesterfield, Lucky Strikes, and Old Gold cigarettes. The Chesterfield pack has paint loss.



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  • Kiel Furniture

    Q: I have a table marked “Kiel Furniture Co., Milwaukee, Wis., Guaranteed Quality.” The top needs to be refinished. Can you tell me when it was made and if it’s worth refnishing?



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  • Whallen Bros. Whiskey Jug

    Q: We have a gallon whiskey jug that has a brown top with writing on it, Part of it says “Italian Swiss Galaxy Wine House, Whallen Bros., Wine, Whiskey, Brandy & Gin, 217-221 W. Jeff. St., Louisville, KY.” How old is it and is it worth anything?



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  • Political Delegate Pin

    Q: Is there any value to a delegate pin from the 1908 Democratic Convention in Denver? It’s a metal pin with William Jennings Bryan’s picture attached to an American flag ribbon. There is a notation that it’s from Mr. Bryan’s Fairview Farm.



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  • Commemorative Plates-Kettlesprings Kilns

    Q: I was given a plate commemorating the sesquicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth in 1809. There is a portrait of Lincoln in the center of the plate and various scenes, including his birthplace, Douglas debates, the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln Memorial, and other scenes. On the back it says “First Issue, Collectors Item” with a description. It also says “Copyright 1958 by A.H. Zychick, Leader Building, Cleveland, Ohio” and “Kettlesprings Kilns, Alliance, Ohio.” What is it worth?



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