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  • Nunn Ship's Lanterns

    Q I have two ship's lanterns that appear to be copper and brass. One has green glass and one has red glass. They are 18 inches high and have a rounded handle and still have the oil burners inside. The green one has a label shaped like a crown and says, ''By appointment to the Admiralty and Board of Trade, Nunn Patent Trade Mark, Army & Navy, Lamp Signal & Binnacle Works, London Docks.'' The red one has an oval label that says, ''Griffiths and Browett, Brimingham.'' Can you tell me anything about them and their possible worth?

  • Playing Card Clubs

    Q In the early 1950s I paid 25 cents each for small boxes of playing cards that have only been printed on the picture side. They are blank on the other. I traded them with other girls. I still have many of the cards. I just took them to a licensed appraiser and he had never seen any before. I need the value. Can you help?

  • Vanity Fair Dinnerware Nancy Lee Pattern

    Q Help me find information on mother's dishes. The name of the company is Vanity Fair Dinnerware, the pattern is Nancy Lee. The dishes have pink and blue flowers on the edge and gold trim. My parents were married in 1938 and these were a wedding gift. I'd like to fill in the set. Can you help?

  • The Order of Knights of Pythias

    Q My son bought a Knights of Pythias ceremonial sword and scabbard at an estate sale several years ago and gave it to me in the 1970s. The handle is black leather with some gold wrap. A helmeted head with a lion on top is at the end of the hand. The shield has ''U'' and ''R'' with a lily between them. ''FCB'' is on the blade cover with a figure of Hercules below it. The blade is in beautiful condition, silver with gilt paint designs. It says ''The E.R. Armstrong Co., Detroit, Mich.'' near the hilt. It's 39 inches long. I'm downsizing and wonder if it has any value?

  • Hubcap Collections

    Q Am I the only one collecting hubcaps? I can find and buy them but I have little history about when they were first used and how styles differ?

  • Stetson China Rio

    Q I have a set of dishes marked ''Stetson China Rio.'' The dinner plates all have the stamped mark but the platters, bowls, and cups and saucer are not marked. Are these knock-offs?

  • Imperial Knife Company

    Q I inherited my grandfather's pocket knife. It's embossed with an animal running through the woods and mountains in the background. The back is stamped ''Imperial, Prov. RI.'' Can you give me its history?

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