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Collectors Questions

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  • Berchtesgaden Brass Plate

    Q: I bought a brass plate at a tag sale for a very inconsequential amount, thinking it might have a Hitler connection. It has a shield-shaped coat of arms and the word “Berchtesgaden,” and a coat of arms with crossed keys and trefoils with a smaller shield in the middle. The back of the plate has a date scratched on it, “015-05-1838.” The plate is nine inches across and looks hand hammered. Can you tell me the age and value?


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  • Walter Keane Books

    Q: I have a hardbound book titled “Walter Keane,” part of the Tomorrow’s Masters Series by Johnson Meyers. It’s a first printing by Johnson Meyer Publishing Company, Redwood City, California and has a copyright date of 1964. Is there any collectible value to this book because of the 2014 movie, “Big Eyes,” depicting the scandal about Walter Keane not painting the pictures sold as his work? I also have the book “MDH Margaret Keane” with the same copyright date.


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  • Globe Furniture Bookcase

    Q: We inherited an oak bookcase from my grandmother. It has five shelves that can be separated from each other. Each shelf has a lift-up glass door. The bookcase is labeled, “Mission Bookcase Unit, manufactured by The Globe-Wernicke Co., Cincinnati, O.” Please tell us its value.


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  • A & P Service Counter

    Q: Years ago I purchased an oak A & P service counter from a corner grocery store in Clifton, N.J. It’s 36 inches high and 10 feet long and has 21 drawers and 21 glass-enclosed pasta displays. Do you think it’s valuable?


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  • Troika Pottery Vase

    Q: I have a cylindrical vase signed “Troika, Cornwall, England.” Can you tell me something about the maker, age, and value?


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  • Button Collecting

    Q: I have a button collection given to me by my husband’s grandmother. Some are brass, copper, glass and ceramic. I must have about 800 to 1,000 buttons and no two are the same. These are very old buttons and in excellent condition. Where can I sell them?


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  • Rishell Phonograph Co.

    Q: I have inherited a Rishell phonograph that was originally purchased between the late 1920s and early 1930s. It’s in great condition and still works. I have a few records that work on the machine, too. Does it have any value?


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  • Shirley Temple Glass Mug

    Q: I have a blue glass mug with a picture of Shirley Temple on it. Her signature is underneath her picture. The mug is 4 inches high. How much is this worth?


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  • Soda Fountains 1920s

    Q: I bought a home with a large complete liquid 1920s soda fountain, dispensers, stools, and the rest. I’m looking to remove it and sell it but having trouble finding what a complete setup with seven seats is worth. It’s made by Liquid.


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