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Collectors Questions

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  • Cabbage Patch Doll

    Q: I have a Cabbage Patch doll that was given to me by a neighbor when she moved to an assisted living facility. She has since died. I’ve heard of a Cabbage Patch collection somewhere in the United States. Can you tell me where this doll might join her sisters?



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  • Porcelaine de Sologne Cups

    Q: I bought two large cups with handles with a shield mark. Inside the shield there is a horn with the words "Porcelaine” above it and “De Sologne, LaMotte" and the number “3” below. The pattern is a pretty splay of pink flowers and green leaves and the rim inside is gold gilt palmettos. The shield itself is all in gold. I can’t find anything like it. Can you help?



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  • Heart-Shaped Ice Cream Dish

    Q: I have a heart-shaped dish our family tradition claims was used for very special ice cream sundaes at a soda fountain about 1930. It had special meaning for my grandparents who kept it displayed on a shelf in the living room. I wonder if you know anything about its special use. Was it for special occasions? Was the dish given away or sold?



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  • Ice-Way Icebox

    Q: I’m looking for information about an old icebox with the name plate “Ice-Way Approved Refrigerator with corkboard insulation, built especially for the ice industry.” When was it made and what might it be worth?



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  • Paul Revere Tea Set

    Q: I have a small 3-piece tea set with a 5-inch high teapot with a lid, a 1 1/2-inch sugar bowl, and a 2-inch creamer. The bottom is marked “Sheffield, Paul Revere Silver Co., Boston” and there is a picture of Paul Revere riding a horse. What do you think it’s worth?



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  • Document-Indenture Legal Contract

    Q: We were given a document my wife’s cousin discovered while working as an engineer on the excavation of the Chunnel, the underwater tunnel from England to France. It’s an Indenture dated June 22, 1854, written on thick parchment and in good condition. Do you think it has any value?



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  • Zsolnay Vase

    Q: My 11-inch high copper colored vase has iridescent abstract flowers and squiggles as decoration. The bottom is marked with a cluster of five skinny towers in a dotted line circle. The words “Zsolnay Pecs” are inside the circle. Can you tell me how old it is and some history?



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  • J.B. Mersman Table

    Q: I have a table that was passed on to me by an aunt. It is 27 inches high and has three tiers, a round one in the center and two lower ones on either side. The table has four legs, flared, under a harp pedestal. There is a mark stamped on the bottom, a triangle within a triangle and the name Mersman. Can you tell me how old this table is and what it is worth?



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  • Blue Willow Dishes

    Q: My mother has a collection of about 8,000 pieces of Blue Willow. It includes Japanese, English, and Buffalo Pottery dishes. She had about 32 complete place settings and tons of accessory pieces. She also has Gaudy Willow bowl and thunder mug set with soap dish and toothbrush holder. Can you help with pricing and selling this collection?



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