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  • Boehm Musical Maidens of the Imperial Dynasties

    Q I inherited a set of eight Boehm plates, ''The Musical Maidens of the Imperial Dynasties.'' They picture Asian maidens playing different musical instruments. Each plate is in the original sleeve and box and has a letter of authentication. What are they worth?

  • Sears & Roebuck Potbelly Stove

    Q I have a Sears and Roebuck potbelly stove, model number 119-57, that is missing a few things. I need four legs, the bottom ash door, and the hinge pin that holds the door in place. Can you help?

  • Southern Cross of Honor Grave Marker

    Q A friend recently gave me something he said is from the Civil War. The top is the shape of a four-arm iron cross and is 14 inches high and 14 inches wide. The letters ''C,'' ''S,'' and ''A'' are on three of the arms. There are two rows of stars cross in the middle on one side and the words ''Deo Vindice'' and the years 1861 and 1865 on the other side. It's made of lead and weighs about 20 pounds. I think it might be a grave stone marker or some type of service marker. The rod that would hold it in the ground is 18 inches long.

  • Clear Glass Cruet

    Q We have a collection of clear glass cruets of all ages. The newest are 50 years old and many are much older and in excellent condition. We have no idea how to dispose of them and get fair prices. Can you help?

  • Avon Aftershave Bottles

    Q I have some old Avon aftershave bottles that depict Ben Franklin and some presidents, like Washington, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. The heads are cream colored, and the bottoms are white. Do they have any value?

  • Royal Bayreuth Red Devil

    Q Can you give me any information about a devil creamer? It's red-orange and is shaped like a devil on his knees. The cream pours out of his mouth. The bottom is marked ''Royal Bayreuth, Bavaria,'' with a lion holding a shield with the letter ''T'' on it. The date 1794 is below the shield.

  • Miriam Haskell Hinged Bracelets

    Q I bought this cuff bracelet years ago at a yard sale. It's about two inches wide and I don't know what metal it is, but it has an antiqued finish. The inside has a mark for Miriam Haskell, but it doesn't look like her typical costume jewelry. Can you help and maybe give me a value?

  • Hohner Accordians

    Q I have my great-grandfather's accordion, a Pre-1900 Hohner two-row button diatonic. It was appraised and I was told it would fetch 4 figures. I'd love to keep it, but no one in my family wants it. It's normal fifth scalar organization, 20 plus treble buttons and 12 bass buttons in very good condition. Where should I start?

  • People's Republic of China Sewing Box

    Q I'd like to know something about a vintage sewing box I found in my mother's things after she passed. It's decorated with a panda bear and eucalyptus leaves on the front and flowers inside the hinged lid. There are about 10 Chinese symbols in red marked on the bottom of the box and beside that is says ''People's Republic of China.'' It's 9 1/2 by 6 inches. How old is it?

  • Sligh Furniture Company

    Q I have a desk made by Sligh Furniture Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was damaged and I need to know the value for an insurance claim.

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