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Collectors Questions

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  • Ivory Jewelry

    Q: I have some ivory jewelry that I got in the 1970s. My daughter told me I can’t sell it because of the laws prohibiting the sale of elephant ivory. What should I do?


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  • Asahel Curtis Lantern Slides

    Q: I have several boxes of Eastman lantern slides from the studio of Asahel Curtis in Seattle that were passed down to me by my grandfather. They depict scenes of early Alaska and a hunting party that included my grandfather. My late aunt told me the old man in the pictures with my grandfather was President Harding. I also have a glass lantern slide projector with the original light bulb still working. What is the value of these items?


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  • Bentwood Furniture

    Q: I have three bentwood chairs made by Fischel that were commissioned in Czechoslovakia for the first big hotel in New York City. The seats have carved inlay. What’s the value of a Fischel chair?


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  • Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Watch

    Q: I got a Mickey Mouse watch for my sixth birthday in 1949. The dial is rectangular and it has a leatherette strap. “Ingersoll” is on the face and “US Time” is stamped on the back. Mickey’s hands and shoes are yellow and the numbers are red. The watch doesn’t work. Would it be wise to have it fixed or would that lower the value?


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  • Monarch of the Glen Painting

    Q: I have a picture titled "Monarch of the Glen" that was painted by Sir Edwin Landseer in 1851 and engraved for the Hartford Fire Insurance Co. in 1890. It pictures a stag looking off to his right with mountains and a cloudy sky. Does it have any value?


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  • Polaroid Electric Eye Camera

    Q: I found my father’s old Polaroid J33 “electric eye” camera in the original box with the directions and a bar of flashbulbs. It looks like new. What is the value of this camera?


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  • Westmoreland Glass Co. Cocktail Shaker

    Q: I would like to sell a cocktail shaker that was a gift from my uncle many years ago, maybe in the 1960s. It’s amber glass, paneled, with a sterling silver rooster and silver bands around the top and the rim of the foot. The shaker top is, I believe, silver over copper and the piece is in good condition. With the shaker top on, the piece is 11 inches high. Do you have any information about it, especially its value?


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  • J.B. Van Sciver Table

    Q: I’m planning a house sale and I need help pricing this table. I bought it from a resale shop 60 years ago. The top is oval, made of very dark wood, and rests on two heavy turned tripods. It has a frieze drawer with a metal tag in it that reads, “J.B. Van Sciver Co., Camden, N.J.” Can you help?


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  • RCA Dick Leibert Record

    Q: I have an old RCA Victor 78RPM record with “When I Grow too Old to Dream” on one side and “Home on the Range” on the other. The label says it’s by Dick Leibert playing the Music Hall Organ at Radio City in New York. Is it worth anything?


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  • Stoneware Jug

    Q: My stoneware jug is 11 3/8 inches tall. It was my mother-in-law’s. The jug is printed with blue letters, “Globe Liquor Co., 148 & 152 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y.” Can you tell me about it?


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