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  • Thomas Bavaria Porcelain Plates

    Q I have eight plates marked ''Thomas, Bavaria.'' They are about 13 inches in diameter. I have no clue what I have. Can you help me?

  • Schlenker & Kienzle Clocks

    Q I would like some help with the value of an antique clock I inherited from my parents. It's a walnut shelf clock with a Dutch hood and two small shelves on each side of the dial. The clock measures 33 by 25 inches and was made by Schlinker and Kienzle in Germany in, I'm told, the late 1800s. Is there a market for a clock like this and what might it sell for?

  • Blue Danube Dinnerware by Lipper International

    Q I found some blue and white dinnerware among a relative's things and many pieces are marked with a rectangle on the bottom that has ''Blue Danube/Japan'' inside. Can you tell me how old it is and how much, say, a cup and saucer or dinner plate is worth?

  • Pope Joan Game Board

    Q A friend just told me a 12 1/2-inch round wooden plate with a center ''well'' and nine smaller carved wells surrounding it is a gaming board, not an oyster plate like I thought. It is decorated with painted playing cards so that might be true. Any suggestions?

  • Coca-Cola Wooden Ruler

    Q I have an old wooden ruler with ''A Good Rule, Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You'' printed on one side and ''Compliments The Coca-Cola Bottling Co.'' printed on the other side. Any information you could tell me about it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Royal Doulton Pitcher

    Q I'd like some information about a Royal Doulton pitcher. It's cylindrical with a bulbous bottom and rope-like handle. It's 9 inches tall and is blue and gray with a brown interior. One side is embossed with the bust of Lord Nelson and his birth and death dates (1858-1805). The other side pictures a sailing ship. The words ''England expects every man to do his duty'' are around the top. When was it made and what is it worth?

  • Northwood Glass Company

    Q My mother has as old piece of glass white opaque glass shaped like a ruffled bowl It has a cover. It is a butter dish passed down from her grandmother to her. She was told that it came from a Spanish princess who is our ancestor. I find this hard to believe. I was wondering if you had any information on who made it, where and when it was made.

  • The American National Game of Baseball

    Q My family has an original print titled ''The American National Game of Baseball,'' ''Grand Match for the Championship at the Elysian Fields Hoboken, N.J.'' I searched your pricing guide and did not see this print. How can we determine its value?

  • Quaker Silver Company

    Q I'm looking for information about a pair of salt and pepper shakers marked ''Quaker Silver'' and ''506.'' There is also an emblem of a Quaker on the bottom. Can you give me an estimate of value please?

  • Hopalong Cassidy Watches by Timex

    Q I have an old wristwatch that my mother found on a beach in southern England years ago. On the face is a likeness of Hopalong Cassidy in a cowboy hat and his name. It has a leather strap and a western-style buckle fastener. I'm wondering about its value.

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