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Collectors Questions

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  • ES Suhl Picture Frame

    Q: I have a picture frame that I treasure. It was given to me by my grandmother and I’d like to know more about it. It is white porcelain with painted flowers and gold trim. The mark on the back looks like an E over an S with 1811 in the bottom curve of the S and Prufsia (is it Prussia?) below. Do you know the history from the mark? And can you give me its value?



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  • Staffordshire Rosedale Bowls

    Q: I bought five bowls that I think are very old. They have blue flowers on a white background. It says on the back “Yorke Ironstone England, genuine hand engraving, detergent proof, Old Staffordshire Rosedale.” I want to know how much they are worth.



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  • Pan American Airways Flight Bag

    Q: I have a Pan American Airways flight bag from a 1955 flight into Cuba, along with a tourist pass stamped 1955. I would like to know if it’s worth anything. And would an airline collector be interested in this?



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  • Vintage Coca-Cola Glasses

    Q: I inherited some original Coca-Cola glasses that came from a drugstore I went to as a child. I have 15 small glasses. Only five still have the etchings intact, “Drink Coca-Cola 5ȼ.” The writing has worn off the others. I also have seven of the larger glasses, but they never had any writing on them. I just want to know if they have any value besides the warm memories they hold.



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  • Stain Removal

    Q: How can I remove a stain in a bowl? There weren't any stains on it until I took it out of the dishwasher. Bleach was suggested but I don't want to take any chances until consulting with an expert.



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  • Brownie Crayons

    Q: I just discovered a black box of Brownie Crayons. There is a small picture of an elf on the front. I have joined a new group of adults who meet once a week to crayon or paint in elaborate adult coloring books now best sellers at book stores. I was going to use the crayons, but an antique collecting member of the group said the elf is a “Brownie” and the box may be collectible.



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