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  • Peanuts Music Box

    Q I have a Peanuts music box that was my mother's. It's a wood carving of Lucy in a wooden stand with signs that say, ''Psychiatric help 5¢'' and ''The doctor is in.'' The top revolves while it plays the song Try to Remember. The bottom looks like it is stamped ANR. Can you tell me what this is worth?

  • Refridgerator Dishes by Federal Glass Company

    Q I bought a rectangular glass dish with a lid at a garage sale. The owner said it came in a refrigerator she bought years ago. The sides are ribbed and there are pictures of corn and other vegetables embossed on the lid. The dish is about 8 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. That can you tell me about it?

  • Gillinder & Sons Glassmakers

    Q I inherited a frosted glass figurine of a young girl in a long dress. She's kneeling on one knee and has a bouquet in one hand and several stalks in the other. It's 4 inches high and has raised letters on the base that say ''Gillinder & Sons'' and ''Centennial Exhibition.'' Can you tell me something about it and its worth?

  • Smoking Uncle Sam

    Q Anything old that pictures Uncle Sam is wanted for my collection. I have posters, advertising cards, cigar labels, product labels, toys, printed fabrics, dishes with the classic Uncle Sam in a top hat with stars and a stripes shirt, and even a folk-art carved broom handle that looks like a thin Uncle Sam. Friends say it wasn't legal to show him smoking. Are these pictures more valuable?

  • Philipp Rosenthal Mark

    Q I have a cup and saucer marked with a crown over crossed swords and the letters ''R'' and ''C'' between the swords. An ampersand is between the sword handles. Below that it says ''Pompadour.'' Who made this and what is it worth?

  • Boy Scouts of America

    Q I have a large professional photograph of a group of Boy Scouts with the date 1911 written on the edge of it. My father is in the picture but there are no names on the back. His family came from Germany in 1904 when he was six years old. They lived in Brooklyn, New York. I understand the Boy Scouts started in New York City and wonder if this might be a picture of it.

  • Erdmann Schlegelmilch Porcelain Factory

    Q I have a set of eight plates with center pictures of different flowers and gold trim. The plates are about six inches across. The letters on the back look like an ''O'' and ''L'' ''Prove. Saxe'' over the initials ''E.S.'' I'd like to know who made these plates and how old they are.

  • Zeno Klinker Jokes

    Q We inherited an inventory of handwritten and typed jokes and scripts from Lucille Klinker, wife of Zeno Klinker, the head writer for Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. We would like to donate this material to someone interested in the collection or to a museum. Please let me know any information you can provide.

  • James Grove & Sons Buttons

    Q I bought a bag of uniform buttons several years ago that have a crown in the middle and ''Kent Constabulary'' written around the edge. Some are shiny silver-tone metal and some are dark and hard. I can't tell what the dark material is, possibly it's leather. The dark buttons are marked on the back ''J.A. Grove & Sons, Halesowen.'' The buttons are about 7/8 of an inch in diameter and have a shank on the back.

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