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  • Baseball Bat Shaped Beer Bottles

    Q:         I have an unopened 18-ounce beer bottle shaped like a baseball bat. The glass looks like it’s wood-grained and the “handle” is painted to look like it’s taped. It has the “A. Coors” signature and is labeled “Coors Light” and “The silver bullet.” What would six of these be worth?

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  • Silver Hand Mirror

    Q:         I inherited a silver hand mirror that belonged to my grandmother. The back of the mirror and handle are decorated with repousse (raised) flowers and leaves. It’s marked “Sterling 4000” and “R. Wallace & Sons.” What is it worth?

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  • Riverside Roll-Top Desk

    Q:         Back in the late 1980s, I bought an oak roll-top desk from someone who had owned it for years. On one side of the desk there’s a bronze plaque that says “Oak Creek by Riverside.” Please tell me about the desk and if it has any value.

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  • Stork Club Matchbook

    Q:         I have a matchbook from the Stork Club that pictures a stork wearing a top hat and smoking a cigarette while standing on one leg. The words “Smoke Fatima” are written in the cigarette smoke. Only one match has been removed. Would this be of interest to a collector? If so, how do I contact one?

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  • 14K Gold Dunhill Lighter

    Q:         I’m trying to find a value for my Dunhill lighter. It’s 14K gold with brushstrokes. It was my papa’s and I always remember that lighter sitting by the backdoor table with a pack of Bel-Airs. Grandma never let him smoke in the house. I’m not a smoker and am thinking of selling the lighter to buy my boys something that would be from Papa. I just don’t want to get ripped off. Can you tell me what the lighter is worth?

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  • Red Wing Stock Pot

    Q:         My old earthenware pot with two handles stands 6 inches high and holds about 3 1/2 quarts. The base is unglazed and the lid has reddish-brown glaze. The front of the pot is impressed “Red Wing, Provincial Ware, 29.” My oldest sister used to make baked beans in it for our family of seven. Is it worth anything?

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  • Chicago World's Fair Featherweight Singer Sewing Machine

    Q:         I have a Featherweight Singer sewing machine that has a seal on the right side of the top that says “Golden Gate Exposition 1939.” I also have the original attachments, black case and instruction booklet. I would like to sell it all. Do you know what the set is worth and where I can sell it?

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  • Roseville Zephyr Lily Vase

    Q :        Years ago my mother gave me two Roseville vases telling me they were a “find” and quite valuable. I kept them all these years for sentimental value but now I’d like to know more about them. Each one is a cornucopia standing on its end with a day lily on either side. They are marked on the bottom “Roseville, USA, 203-6.” What is their history and value?

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  • Removing Odors from Wet Collectible Toys

    Q:         I have a great number of toys from three generations. My mother was born in 1899, I was born in 1926 and my daughter was born in 1964. The toys were stored in an unoccupied basement apartment. Unfortunately, one of the apartment’s concrete walls leaked, the hot water heater leaked and the basement carpets got soaked. The toys include three large furnished wooden dollhouses, many dolls, doll clothing, games and other toys made of wood, metal or cloth. Most have a musty smell. Is there a way to eliminate the odors?

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