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  • TWA Silver-Plated Coffeepot

    Q: I have an old 32-oz. silver-plated coffeepot with the TWA logo etched on the side. The name International Silver Co. is marked on the bottom. After seeing the movie “Aviator” about Howard Hughes and his connection to the airline, I was wondering what its value is as a collectible.



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  • McCoy Pottery Cookie Jar

    Q: I have had a cookie jar shaped like W.C. Fields for about 35 years. There are no markings on the bottom so I don’t know who made it. It’s never been used and is like brand new. The cookie jar is about 11 inches to the top of the cover and 7 inches wide. I’d like to know what it’s worth.



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  • Charlie Chaplin Comic Book

    Q: I have a comic book with the title “Charlie Chaplin in the Movies” that is marked “No. 316” and “copyright 1917 by J. Keely by arrangement with Essanay Company, M.A. Donohue & Co., Chicago.” It’s in poor condition and I want to sell it to a restorer.



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  • Norman Rockwell Autographed Letter

    Q: While driving in the countryside in the late 1970s, I came across a perfect Norman Rockwell scene---a little girl with her lemonade stand and two utility workers standing there sipping their cups of lemonade. I wrote to Rockwell and described this as “a perfect Norman Rockwell” scene. He wrote back to thank me and said public interest in his work had waned. The letter is typed on his personal stationary and signed in ink. I’m downsizing and would like to know the value of this letter.



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  • Beswick Figurines

    Q: I’m interested in selling my Beswick figurine collection. It consists of 78 pieces, mostly horses with some Siamese cats and a few others. If you would point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Kalamazoo Stove Co.

    Q: May father-in-law had an old potbellied stove in his construction company’s workshop. The door is embossed “A Kalamazoo, Direct to You.” We’d like to know about how old it is.



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  • Memorabilia-Autographs

    Q: In 1957, I won a contest sponsored by Foster Parents Plan, Seventeen Magazine, and the United Nations Children's Fund. One of the three judges was Eleanor Roosevelt. I was awarded a trip to Manhattan where I met many famous people, including Dag Hammarskjold and Ed Sullivan, and got their autographs. I kept a diary and saved memorabilia and photographs. My question is this: Are there collectors that would be interested in this type of memorabilia?



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  • Westmoreland Milk Glass

    Q: I’m looking for some information on a Westmoreland milk glass 8-inch plate that is heart shaped. It’s hand painted with the Roses and Bows pattern.



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  • Rhapsody Pattern Bowl

    Q: Is there significant value for 12 small soup bowls with handles on both sides and matching saucers? They’re marked with the words “Baronet, Made in Bohemia” around a circle with the letters “F & B” in the center. Underneath the mark it says “Czechoslovakia, Rhapsody.”



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  • Blender Queen

    Q: I have a “Blender Queen,” a modern looking glass jar with a streamlined plastic base and a top that looks like a spaceship. It plugs in, push the on button, the blades inside revolve and you get a “smoothie.” It seems to be a relative of the Waring Blender. Is this the inspiration for the Waring Blender or a later copy? Is it saleable?



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