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Collectors Questions

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  • Wedding Dresses & Gowns

    Q: I have my mother’s antique satin wedding dress from 1931. It’s in perfect condition. I would like to know if it’s worth anything or if anyone would want it.



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  • Dansk Stainless Steel Flatware

    Q: I bought some stainless steel flatware at a house sale and would like to know more about it. It has a flat finish and horizontal grooved lines on the handles. There is black inside the grooves, but it’s worn off on most pieces. The pieces are marked “Dansk Designs Germany” around an emblem that has four swimming ducks on it. When were these made?



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  • Glass Holders

    Q: I have a rectangular pressed glass holder about 3 inches high, 2 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. It has embossed decorations on three sides and crosshatches on the back. What was it used for?



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  • E.T. Doll Kamar International

    Q: I have an E.T. doll made by Kamar International, Inc. The tag says it’s made of acrylic fiber and crushed walnut shells. The skin is peeling a little. How can I preserve it? I keep it covered with tissue paper and plastic.



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  • Midcentury Modern Furniture

    Q: I’ve heard that 1950s-’60s furniture is now collectible. We have a coffee table stamped “Declaration by Drexel” on the bottom. It also has numbers and “3/61.” There is a circle of 12 inlaid wood dots in the middle of the top. The top is 60 inches by 22 inches and the table is about 15 inches high. What is it worth?



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  • Old Books & Magazines

    Q: I’ve been collecting old books and magazines for many years. Some are “The New Peerless World Atlas” from 1918, “Frye’s Complete Geography” from 1898, old “Look,” “Life,” and other magazines. Are they more valuable intact, or should I remove the maps from the atlases and the covers and ads from the magazines and sell them individually?



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  • Klumpe Felt Dolls

    Q: I have a felt doll with a painted face and mohair wig. She’s wearing a Spanish dancer’s costume and is about 12 inches tall. She has a gold tag that says “Klumpe, Patentado, Barcelona.” What is the doll worth?



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  • Worley Water Wavers

    Q: I have a Worley Water Waver. It’s a device for curling or waving ladies’ hair that was invented by my Grandad in 1926. I also have the original patent that was issued to him in 1927. Hair could be curled in a “Marcel” wave, a popular style of the day, by pressing it against the wavy surface of the steel chamber that held hot water. It was a forerunner of the modern curling iron. But not many were made because the financial backers of the project went under with the stock market crash. After the crash, my Grandfather moved from the northeast to Florida—and with a supply of the wavers, which he sold as he traveled down the highways. The cords were removed because they were sold to women on farms where electricity wasn’t very common, but putting hot water in the chamber still curled the hair! I’m curious to know if it has any value other than sentimental.



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