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  • Thun Chechoslovakia Mark

    Q I brought a set of china from a charity shop and can't find the name of the maker anywhere. The pieces are marked with a crown, the initials TK,'' and ''Thun, Czechoslovakia.'' I'd like to complete the set. Does the mark tell something about it?

  • Hot Wheels Red Baron Vehicles

    Q I have many Hot Wheels vehicles from the 1970s. I have noticed the Red Baron car with a white interior is worth a lot of money. I have a Red Baron car with a black interior. Can you give me more information about these cars and is the one with the black interior worth anything?

  • L.G. Wright Grape Ruby Punch Bowl

    Q I have the L.G. Wright Paneled Grape Ruby punch bowl, underplate, and 12 cups. They aren't marked. Did they ever not mark their items? It's gorgeous but I don't know if it's a repo. can I ask close to the price you have it listed for in 2008?

  • McDonald's Happy Meal Pumpkin Pails

    Q McDonald's sold Happy Meals in plastic pumpkin pails that could be used for trick or treating probably 30 years ago. Are they worth anything?

  • Fiestaware by Homer Laughlin

    Q I'm clearing my mom's estate and found a vintage Fiestaware 6-piece relish set with a red base that is in wonderful condition. Can you tell me it's value?

  • Dr. Pepper Bottle

    Q I recently came across an old Dr Pepper bottle that has never been opened. It has Dr Pepper in slanted print on the front and ''10 2 4'' inside a circle at the bottom of the neck. Embossed on the bottom is ''LG 58,'' ''734,'' ''Contents 6 1/2 fluid oz.,'' and ''37.'' Can you tell me what the numbers mean? I'm interested in knowing when it was made.

  • Squirrel Cage Yarn Winder

    Q I bought a wooden piece from an antiques dealer in Nebraska in the 1970s. He told me a ''picker'' from the northeast brought it here. It is 59 inches tall and 26 inches wide. It has straight sides and I was told it has ''shoe feet.'' The center vertical piece of wood slides up and down and the circular ''cage'' pieces turn. A furniture repair person told me it is ''museum worthy.'' I thought it might be for weaving and I tried contacting a tapestry museum to ask about it but didn't get an answer or interest. Do you have any suggestions or a value?

  • Stradivarius Violins

    Q I have inherited a violin signed ''Anton Stradivarius, Cremora, Italy.'' It came with a case and legal paperwork! Where is best place to get it appraised?

  • Hunzinger Rocking Chair

    Q Can you give me an idea of the value of my Hunzinger rocking chair? It's a platform rocking chair with a twisted wood frame and a worn padded and upholstered back with headrest, arms and seat.

  • Zane Grey Books

    Q My father left me his collection of Zane Grey books when he died in 1982. It consists of about 72 books all bound in tan covers with blue and red trim and book titles written in gold. Most have copyrights in the 1940s. The publisher is Walter J. Black. Does this set have value?

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