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Collectors Questions

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  • Political Handkerchief Kennedy

    Q: I went to a charity auction in the spring of 1960 that raised funds for a community project. Senator John F. Kennedy was asked to make a donation. He contributed a white handkerchief with the initial “K” embroidered in one corner and his name scrawled alongside it. Does it have any monetary value no, and if so, how much? What’s the best way to sell it?



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  • World’s Fair Glass Hatchet

    Q: I have a glass hatchet from the St. Louis World’s Fair. It’s 7 1/2 inches long and has a picture of George Washington and “The Father of our Country” on one side of the blade and “World’s Fair, 1904” on the other side. What is it worth?



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  • Toothbrush Holders

    Q: We inherited a large collection of toothbrush holders, about 250 pieces. We’d like to sell them. How can we contact possible collectors?



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  • Lithophanes Coffee Set

    Q: I have an Arabian coffee set, purchased in the United Arab Emirates when I lived there in the 1980s. The design is unusual in because there is an indentation in the bottom of the cup. When the teacup is held up to the light, you can see a Geisha girl, yet nothing shows unless it’s held up to the light. There is no mark on the bottom, but I think is was made in Japan. Have you seen anything like this?



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  • National Cash Register

    Q: I have a National cash register in British currency. There is a tag on it with the numbers 2490973 and below that 745. It has wooden case, marble slab above drawer, and is in very nice condition. What is its approximate value?


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  • Shopping Bags

    Q: Are printed paper bags from stores that closed really collectible and are they popular? I saw a D H Holmes bag on eBay for $40.



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  • The Ross Table Wash-Stand

    Q: I have a small wash table with a metal tag on it that says “The Ross Table Wash-Stand, Patented, Manufactured by Forest City Furniture Co., Rockford, Ill.” It has a hinged lid with a mirror on the inside of the lid and compartments to hold something. There is a shelf below. When was this made and what it might be worth?



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  • Old Valentines

    Q: Is a scrapbook filled with valentines from the 1920s worth anything? It’s so old the pages are crumbling.



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  • Lead Dish Dangers

    Q: While in Europe about 1975 we bought 24 lead plates. We used the plates for 10 years. What is your opinion of our exposure to lead?


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