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  • Harvard Company Dental Chair

    Q What can you tell me about the Harvard Company of Canton, Ohio, I am looking at a dental cabinet with that label. It has a large swivel shelf and five fan-shaped swing-out shelves that close behind a roll-up door. It is made of oak.

  • Cleaning Copper Cooking Pots

    Q I have some of my mother's and grandmother's copper cooking pots that are either all copper or have copper bottoms. I have been told if I want the darkened copper to be shiny and copper-colored again I can clean them with ketchup. Is that a good idea?

  • Dakin Toys Dream Pets

    Q I found a toy frog playing a bongo drum at a house sale. The body is made of velveteen and felt and is about 8 1/2 inches tall. There are wires in the frog's legs. The tag on his pants says ''Dream Pets, R. Dakin & Co., San Francisco, Calif., Prod. Of Japan, All New Material, Wood Byproducts.'' How old is it and what is it worth?

  • Rodeo McCoy Pottery Planter

    Q I have a McCoy pottery planter that says ''Rodeo'' on the side. The McCoy stamp on the bottom is backwards. Does that make any value difference?

  • Railroad China

    Q I have some blue and white dishes my grandmother says she took from the dining car on a B & O Railroad trip years ago. I know stolen paintings, ancient relics, and other stolen items are confiscated and, if possible, returned to the original owners. Can I put my dishes in an auction?

  • Repainting and Refinishing Dining Chairs

    Q I recently found two old dining room chairs in my attic that I remember using as a child 70 years ago in our dining room. They have an arched back, six turned spindles, and a shaped seat. I remember them as having a shiny black finish but they are very worn. I'm thinking of repainting them but my son suggests that doing so might reduce their value. Can you tell me what their value is and whether repainting would make them more or less valuable?

  • Epenco Pens and Pencils

    Q I hope you can identify this pen that has been in the family for some time. There is no name on it. I thought it was just a pen but found out it's a pen/pencil combination. It's been in the family for about 100 years. The ink pen slides out and back and the pencil twists to expose the lead, but it looks like a part is missing at one end of the pen. The only mark is ''EPENCO NY'' on the pen nib. I found a pen/pencil combination similar to this listed online and it was identified as a Mabie Todd retracting dip pen & pencil, asking price $279.00. Can you tell me what I have?

  • Henry Thomas Aiken Oil Paintings

    Q I have a print by Henry Aiken and wonder if you could tell me anything about it ? the year and someplace besides eBay where I can sell it.

  • Moss Rose Ridgway & Morley

    Q We have a pair of pitchers marked ''Moss Rose'' encircled by a rose and leaves. The initials ''R & M'' are underneath the mark. What information can you provide?

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