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  • Carl Scheidig Porcelain or Lladro?

    Q My brother bought a figurine for me at an estate sale. He paid $10 or $20 for it. The lady said it was made by Lladro, but we learned it is not. The figurine is a woman in a long blue dress with a white dog next to her. She has an umbrella hanging from one of her arms. I'm interested in the name of the porcelain company that made it and what it is worth. It's about 7 3/4-inch high and has a crown over the letter ''S'' marked on the bottom.

  • Stuart Sommerville Oil Paintings

    Q I inherited two oil paintings by Stuart Sommerville. One has label on the back that says, ''A Muted Bunch.'' I think they need cleaning They are both about 29 by 24 inches and have the original gilt frames. I looked at the cost of cleaning a long time ago and found it expensive. Also, the restorer wants them reframed. My mother may have purchased them in London a long time ago. During World War II they were hidden in China and eventually shipped to her. How much are they worth?


  • Williams-Kimp Game Tables

    Q My parents bought a home in Florida and purchased the contents including an interesting table. They used it as a lamp table. The top flips to one side, doubling its surface, and can be raised for storage. Open, it measures 17 inches high by 34 inches square. A label reads ''Williams-Kimp Furniture Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.'' Could you tell me the purpose, age and value of my table?

  • Marx & Gutherz Fish Plates

    Q How would can I find the value on a set of Marx & Gutherz fish plates? They are marked with circular red mark that says, ''Marx & Gutherz, Carlsbad.''

  • Camel Saddle Foot Stools

    Q I have a wooden camel-like frame with a leather seat cushion that I think was brought home from Korea in the 1950s. One end has a brass cap where the X-frame legs come together. The other end has a camel's neck and head carved from light wood. The legs each have a star made from inlaid brass studs. The seat is 12 inches from the floor, the frame is 23 inches wide and 27 inches from tip to tail. I am interested in selling it.

  • Mayer Casserole Dish

    Q I have an oval casserole dish with a lid. I don't know much about it. I'm thinking it's from the 1800s. It's marked ''J & E Mayer'' and ''Underglaze Amherst''. It's white with a green ivy-like pattern and gold accents.? A few people have told me it's valuable. Can you tell me anything about it?

  • Joseph Bishop Van Sciver Furniture

    Q My old desk has a partial label that reads J.B. Van S[something]. It's kneehole style, with a bank of drawers on each side of the opening and a narrow drawer in the middle. Any chance you can help with the maker and maybe a value?

  • Bossons Wall Head Sculptures

    Q I inherited over thirty Bossons wall head sculptures and I don't really want them. Could you recommend an organization or collectors group that might help me find a buyer for them?

  • Bausch & Lomb Microscopes

    Q I have a Bausch & Lomb microscope from the early 1900s last used from 1933 to the 1960s. There are two numbers on it, 14738 and 17227. It's a family heirloom but I'd like to sell it.

  • W. Adams & Co. Dinnerware

    Q My grandmother got a W. Adams & Co. dinner service as a wedding gift in 1916. I only have the tureens and serving plates and wonder if they are worth anything. The serving plates have some ''age'' spots but the tureens are in perfect condition. The dishes are marked with a crown over a circle with a pretzel shape mark in the middle, the words ''crown, semi-porcelain,'' and ''W. Adams & Co., England.'' We'd like to know what they are worth and how to sell them.

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