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  • Vogel Bros. Barber Scissors

    Q :       I own a pair of barber scissors my father used to cut my hair when I was a boy back in the 1930s. Stamped on them is, “Vogel Bros., Chicago, Ill., E-Z Edge.” How old are they and what are they worth?

  • Gillette Shaving Set

    Q:         I have a Gillette shaving set that includes a razor and a silver case with a hinged lid. The case is lined with velvet and satin and is 3 1/2 inches long and 2 1/4 inches wide. Inside the top, it’s marked “Gillette Bostonian.” I have never seen a case like this. I’d like to know how old it is.

  • Gorham Figural Bells

    Q:         I have a complete set of six Gorham silver-plated bronze figural bells. They date from the late 1970s and were sold as limited editions by the Hamilton Collection. The series is titled “Women Who Changed the Course of History.” The set includes Catherine the Great, Marie de Medici, Marie Antoinette, Isabella I, Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots. Please tell me the current value of the set.

  • Gorham Silver Bowl

    Q:         My grandmother gave us a silver bowl that she got as a gift in the 1950s or ’60s. It’s 8 1/2 inches in diameter. The bottom is marked with the lion, anchor and old English letter “G” mark used by Gorham. The sides of the bowl are engraved with three initials and the years 1854 and 1904. We’re thinking of selling it or recycling it for scrap value. Can you tell us what it’s worth?

  • Sascha Brastoff Dinnerware

    Q :        I am thinking about selling a set of Sascha Brastoff dishes. The dishes are pink and gold and include service for eight. I think the dishes date from 1949. What is the set worth?

  • Charles Scultz Peanut Strips

    Q :       My husband was a cartoonist and sometimes corresponded with Charles Schulz, famous for his Peanuts comic strip. When my husband had heart surgery, Schulz sent him two of his original Peanuts strips. Each one is about 30 inches long and 6 inches high and is signed “Schulz.” My husband has since died and the strips now belong to me and our children. One strip features Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and the other Lucy and Schroeder. Please tell me what the strips are worth.

  • Bicentennial Canning Jar

    Q:         I have a glass quart jar that’s embossed “1776” above the Liberty Bell and “1976” below it. The other side of the jar is embossed “Mason’s.” Is it worth anything?

  • Victorian Gentleman's Dresser

    Q :        I own a Victorian gentleman’s dresser that’s about 70 inches high and 42 inches wide. It has a tall dressing mirror on one side and a smaller shaving mirror on the other side. The dressing mirror pulls out about 9 inches on an extension mount and rotates about 70 degrees in either direction. “Peerless Adjustable Mirror” is stenciled on the back, where there’s also a label with six 1890 patent numbers. One of the brackets is embossed “Pat’d Jan. 14, 1890.” Can you give me any information about this piece?

  • Occupied Japan Teapot

    Q :        I have a teapot that says “Made in Occupied Japan” on the bottom. Other marks on the bottom look like the letter “G” surrounded by the letters “C” and “U.” I have been unable to find any information about the teapot or its marks. I would like to know who made the teapot and what it’s worth.

  • Autumn Gold Homer Laughlin Dinnerware

    Q  :      I have a complete 65-piece set of dinnerware that includes place settings for eight and several serving pieces. The dishes have a wheat pattern in the center and a wide yellow border with gold trim. They’re marked “Century Service Corporation, Alliance, Ohio” around a triangle. The words “Semi vitreous dinnerware” are written inside the triangle. Underneath the mark are the words “Autumn Gold.” Many people tell me the set of dishes I have is worth money. What do you think?


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