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Q :       My husband was a cartoonist and sometimes corresponded with Charles Schulz, famous for his Peanuts comic strip. When my husband had heart surgery, Schulz sent him two of his original Peanuts strips. Each one is about 30 inches long and 6 inches high and is signed “Schulz.” My husband has since died and the strips now belong to me and our children. One strip features Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and the other Lucy and Schroeder. Please tell me what the strips are worth.

A :       If the strips are indeed original works by Charles Schulz, they’re valuable. Some have sold at auction for $15,000. The first thing you want to do is make sure you are storing them safely by using archival papers and boxes. Keep them away from direct light. Insure them. If the strips are not marked with a date, try to find out when they first ran. If you want to sell, contact a reputable auction house that deals in comic art.

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