Q I have a wooden camel-like frame with a leather seat cushion that I think was brought home from Korea in the 1950s. One end has a brass cap where the X-frame legs come together. The other end has a camel’s neck and head carved from light wood. The legs each have a star made from inlaid brass studs. The seat is 12 inches from the floor, the frame is 23 inches wide and 27 inches from tip to tail. I am interested in selling it.

A You have a footstool inspired by a camel saddle. Different types were made in northern Africa and the Middle East. They were popular with tourists in the 1950s and ’60s. The leather cushions usually have embossed or gilt stenciled decoration. The legs often have brass studded designs or applied brass medallions. Yours sounds like a ”marriage,” one end having a brass cap and the other a wooden carved camel’s head in a lighter wood. Camel saddle footstools from places like Dubai, Iran, Morocco or Egypt have sold from $25 to just under $300 at auction. Because yours is a marriage, it would sell for less.

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