Q:My Camark bowl is marked “Handpainted by Nor-So Art Studio, Camden, Arkansas, U.S.A. 1948.” What can you tell me about the decorator?

A:Little has been written about the Nor-So Art Studio. It was owned by Dean A. Mogle and was in business from about 1947 to 1965. He developed a method of decorating in pastel colors and often used 22K gold for the trim. The studio was in Camden, Ark., home of Camark Pottery, so from 1947 to 1958 Mogle decorated pieces of Camark Pottery. In 1958 he decided to decorate glassware and used similar decorations and gold trim on milk glass he bought in Ohio. Mogle died in 1976. A reader told us that the name “Nor-So” was created because Dean came from the North and his wife, who worked for Camark, was from the South. Pieces with the “Nor-So” mark currently sell for very low prices.

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