Q: A friend gave me a Burleigh Ware wash set about 20 years ago. It included a basin, chamber pot, covered soap dish and toothbrush holder. I recently found a matching pitcher and second basin at an antique show. All of the pieces are stamped with a beehive mark surrounded by thistles and the words “Burleigh Ware, Estd 1851, B & L Ltd., Made in England, Reg. Trade Mark.” Can you tell me when the set was made?

A: The mark on your pieces was used in the 1930s by Burgess & Leigh, a British pottery company. The pottery started using the trade name “Burleigh Ware” in the 1930s, and it continues to use the same trade name today. Burgess & Leigh was founded in 1862 in Burslem, a town in England’s famous Staffordshire district. We have seen sets of Burleigh Ware pitchers and matching wash bowls selling online for more than $200.