Q I inherited over thirty Bossons wall head sculptures and I don’t really want them. Could you recommend an organization or collectors group that might help me find a buyer for them?

A Bossons wall masks were made by W.H. Bossons, Ltd., in Congleton, England, from 1946 to 1996. W.H. Bossons and his son, W. Ray Bossons, trained as potters and designed the pieces. After W.H. died in 1951, W. Ray ran the business. The company also made figurines, shelf ornaments, plaques, lamp bases, bookends, wall clocks, thermometers, barometers, and more. There is limited interest in the wall head sculptures today and they are hard to sell. Try contacting the International Bossons Collectors Society, www.bossons.org, to reach collectors. One sculpture could sell at retail for $35 to $100.

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