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Q: I just received this small vase as a gift. It is 7 inches tall, with a curved handle on one side and a small protruding knob on the other. The word Northwood is on the bottom. Can you help me identify it?-V.W.G., Smithville, Texas

A: Your vase is half of an opalescent glass novelty set collectors call "Pump and Trough." It was a very clever cream and sugar. It was made about 1907 by the Northwood Glass Co. of Wheeling, W.Va. Northwood was founded by Harry Northwood in 1896. You have the Pump half of the set (that's why it looks like a water pump). The other half, the Trough, is a low rounded dish shaped like a water trough. The set was made in canary opalescent (like yours), white opalescent or blue opalescent glass. It may also have come in green and emerald green. Reproductions were made as early as 1939, but none of them were canary opalescent. The pump itself sells for $120.

"Pump and Trough"

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