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Q: My mom has a Galle vase we’d like to know more about. We’ve never seen another one like it. I’m holding a light inside the vase so you can see the colors. Can you give us any information or value?


A: Emile Galle founded his factory in France in 1874. He made cameo glass, where parts of the top layer of glass were cut away to reveal a different colored glass underneath. The design on your vase is the sort of thing Galle did, the shape is a known Galle shape, and the signature looks authentic. Galle vases sell for over $1,000 to several thousand dollars depending on the size. It would have to be seen by an expert to get the value. If there is an auction house in your are, find out if they have free appraisal days and take the vase in for an evaluation.

galle vase with light shined in 



#1 Galle vaseewenadamson 2019-08-14 16:49
I think you're right to be cautious. I've not seen a Gallé vase with so many colours. I certainly don't think it was made in his life time. His wife continued with the business for some time afterwards and for a period generally put a little star to the left of the 'G'. Now auction houses in Europe are generally refering to the post 1904 (Gallé's death) as Establishment Gallé and I would have thought this would definately be in that cattogary ... if it's not a fake. There are so many fakes now it is very difficult to determine what is genuine and what isn't. Auction houses tend to rely on 'Signed Gallé' statement which is no guarantee that it IS Gallé. Even if it's a fake people can spend 200-300 dollars on a vase because they are a) sometimes beautiful and b) might be possible to pass off as genuine. If it's known history goes back to pre 1970s there's a good chance its genuine.
Without close inspection and feel, your expert is rightly cautious in my opinion.

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