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Q. I have treasured this Nippon vase since I moved into my husband's ancestral home in 1930. Can you give me any information about it? It is about 9 1/2 inches tall. I have traced the mark for you.


A. Porcelain marked "Nippon" was made in Japan between 1891 and 1921. The maple-leaf mark on your vase was not used after 1911 and may not have been used after 1906. So chances are your vase was made between 1891 and 1906. The mark was used by Morimura Bros., a New York importing firm. One of the Morimura brothers was among the partners who founded the Noritake Co. in Japan in 1904. Your Nippon vase would sell for $200 or more.

Hundreds of pieces of Nippon and their marks are pictured in a series of seven books titled Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain by Joan F. Van Patten (Collector Books, Paducah, KY, c1979-2002).


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