Dear Lee,

I can’t believe we just published our 50th antiques price book! Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2018 has changed so much over the years—from a list of objects with prices “written” using keypunch cards to an over 700-page book created using the latest technology, along with a companion e-book. If you walk into an antiques store, curator’s office, or a collector’s house, look on their bookshelf—I bet you’ll find our price guide there. Each book takes almost a year to compile and a lot of Kovel energy and time. As much as the Internet has changed the collecting world for the better, you can’t be sure collecting information, pictures, tips, and prices are accurate and up-to-date in old books or on websites that often quote old information.

It took a lot of convincing, but I decided it’s time to share our history of collecting ups and downs in this 50th edition. We’re including a special insert that has a 50-year timeline of major events in the antiques world and at Kovels. You will see old photos of us at shows, digging at flea markets, and on the cover of magazines like Parade, and TV guides. I talk about our time hosting our TV series for Discovery Channel, HGTV and public television, and on talk shows with Martha Stewart and Oprah (both had magnificent antiques collections). I comment on the important sales that changed the market as well as predictions from the past and for the future. One area that never fails to amaze are the fakes that have fooled even people at places like the White House or the Ford Museum. Each day I’m lucky enough to learn something new and make more discoveries about the old. And have fun!

I want to thank you, our readers, my dedicated staff, and my family, especially Kim, for making this 50th edition happen. It will be available in bookstores in September, but you can order a special autographed copy at Call 800-33-1996 or return the flyer we included with this August newsletter.