The Medina Antique Mall is south of Cleveland. It has been open for 20 years and its 52,000 square feet is filled with booths and glass cabinets from about 500 dealers, overflowing with mid-century and older furniture, porcelains, books, glassware, clothing, artwork, signage and home decorations and some antiques.

The mall attracts visitors from all parts of Ohio. Set aside at least a couple of hours for your hunt. Our visit turned into two trips because we only got through about half the booths on the first visit – and regretted not buying a vase we saw for $12!

If you see something you might want, but need to think about it, take a picture of the item and booth number so you can find it again. Workers are walking the aisles to help you. If you have loaded arms, they will take the items to the cash register area for you.

Halloween decorations caught our eyes. Our interest was piqued by a 3- to 4-foot high, white fiberglass “scary face” for $195.

In another booth, a framed piece of German-made Halloween crepe paper decorated with a grinning full moon, witches, bats, pumpkins and a “Jack” jumping over a candlestick. It was priced at $348. We saw a blow-mold, medium sized jack-o’-lantern pumpkin for $27.

There was a Billy Beer can. Years ago, a Billy Beer can sold for as much as $100, now they sell for $3. Billy Beer was made in 1977 by the Falls City Brewing Co. and named after President Jimmy Carter’s beer-drinking brother Billy. The company stopped producing it in 1978.

We also loved a tin for Lucky Strike cigarettes ($19.50), and a large yellow tin container with a decorative border for Lakewood Coffee by the C.D. Kenny Co. ($48.50).