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Enjoy today’s editor picks. Five antiques that represent iconic items that are hot, what collectors are looking for or just something unusual. What makes it unusual? To our editors it’s a perfect example, or a very rare one or an antique that is just plain weird. Each antique or collectible is chosen from thousands pictured in Kovel’s price books. To see more Register now for FREE access.

Today's Featured Antiques
  • Food Chopper

    Pierced Heart Blade, Iron, Copper, Maple Handle, c.1750, 12 x 5 In. illustrated
  • Vase

    Federzeichnung, Octopus, Brown, Gold Enamel, 6 In. illustrated
  • Tumbler

    Findlay Onyx And Floradine
    Floradine, Barrel Shape, Red, White Flowers, 3 3/4 In. illustrated
  • Cup & Saucer

    Chinese Export
    Armorial, Welsh Family Arms, Gilt Spearheads, 1800s, 2 x 5 In. Illustrated
  • Chair

    Shaker, Maple, Ladder Back, Tape, Acorn Finials, Arms, Mt. Lebanon, c.1880, 41 In.? Illustrated
Today's Featured Premium Article
  • Scrimshaw whale's tooth

    Sail Away with Maritime Antiques

    Maritime antiques appeal to a wide range of collectors. Sailors would make unique items on long voyages like this scrimshaw tooth that is engraved on one side with two single-masted ships. Sail over to discover other nautical treasures.            
  • Heisey Glass is a Clear Winner

    The A.H. Heisey Company is known for its quality pressed and blown tableware and decorative glass. Their patterns have been on the affordable side since the late 1800s. But times are changing! Look at some Heisey examples and get insider information so you can identify an authentic piece. Find out why this set of green candlesticks dazzled one collector.        
  • Toy Trains on Track

    Antique trains were on track at an auction in Ohio. The top lot was this Blue Comet Standard Gauge train set by Lionel. It's top-of-the-line like its original, full size, luxury model. Ride the rails with us.          
  • Willow Platter

    Willow pattern dishes have been made in England since 1789. Buyer Beware.          
  • Cigar lighter

    Tobacco-Related Collectibles Spark Interest

    Collectors fanned the flames for highly desirable tobacciana items at auction in California. A rare bronze winged devil and dragon cigar lighter, once mistaken for an inkwell, took top lot. Smoking has fallen out of favor, but the market for rare tobacciana pieces hasn’t gone up in a puff of smoke. Light up your own fine cigar and go over to pictures and prices of lighters.          

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