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Enjoy today’s editor picks. Five antiques that represent iconic items that are hot, what collectors are looking for or just something unusual. What makes it unusual? To our editors it’s a perfect example, or a very rare one or an antique that is just plain weird. Each antique or collectible is chosen from thousands pictured in Kovel’s price books. To see more Register now for FREE access.

Today's Featured Antiques
  • Cabinet

    Edwardian, Satinwood, Corner, Broken Arch, 48 x 18 x 10 In., Pair, illustrated
  • Vase

    Gold, Jack-In-The-Pulpit, Flower Shape, Teardrop Face, Footed, Aurene, Signed, 9 In. Illustrated
  • Plaque

    Fruit Sellers, Children Counting Money, 12 1/2 x 17 In. Illustrated,
  • Pedal Car

    Buick, Luggage Rack, Tonneau Cover, Restored, Steelcraft, c.1930s, 48 In. illustrated
  • Fluid

    Pressed Glass, Loop & Leaf, Honey Amber, Wafer, Pewter Collar, 9 1/4 x 4 3/8 In., illustrated
Today's Featured Premium Article
  • Steampunk in Pennsylvania

    Steampunk isn’t just a new type of decorating with an influence on all sorts of collectibles, especially fashion and sculpture. It’s a lifestyle. We asked people at flea markets and fashion events, and almost no one has discovered this subculture.
  • Silver Tea Set

    Silver Tea Set

    Q: I recently inherited my grandmother’s silver tea set and am interested in the history and value of it. It includes a footed teapot with a wooden handle and knob on the lid, footed sugar bowl, footed creamer and tray. (The fourth piece in this picture was returned to the estate.) The tray is marked “Barker Ellis” on the bottom. The other pieces have four hallmarks on them, the initials “JTH over JHM,” an anchor, a lion and the letter “C.” I’m interested in the history and value of this tea set.          
  • On the Road – New York City

    We went to the Salon Art + Design fair in New York City. You never know what you will learn when you explore flea markets, sales and shows.             
  • American Art Pottery

    The popularity of finely crafted ceramics continues. This Owens Henri Deux umbrella stand is just the item for a rainy day. See photos and prices.






  • Naughty Nellie bootjack

    Naughty Nellie Bootjack

    “Naughty Nellie” is one of the most famous bootjacks of the late Victorian era. It’s probably because she was considered so risqué when first made. In the 1960s some reproductions appeared.

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