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Enjoy today’s editor picks. Five antiques that represent iconic items that are hot, what collectors are looking for or just something unusual. What makes it unusual? To our editors it’s a perfect example, or a very rare one or an antique that is just plain weird. Each antique or collectible is chosen from thousands pictured in Kovel’s price books. To see more Register now for FREE access.

Today's Featured Antiques
  • Toy

    Charlie Chaplin
    Walker, Cane Spins, Felt Clothes, Windup, Schuco, Box, 6 1/2 In. , Illustrated
  • Vase

    Pezzi-Pezze, Multicolor, Michele Burato, Signed, 2002, 14 1/2 x 13 In. Illustrated
  • Jack-O'-Lantern

    Black Cat, Green Eyes, Paper Face, Candleholder In Base, Handle, Germany, 4 In. Illustrated
  • Manhattan

    Depression Glass
    Sandwich Server, Handles, 14 In., Illustrated
  • Pickle

    Cathedral, Yellow Green, Tooled Rolled Collared Mouth, Smooth Base, c.1865, 13 1/4 In. Illustrated
Today's Featured Premium Article
  • Coca-Cola bowl

    Coca-Cola Bowl

    Q: I was given this bowl about 30 years ago. The sides are embossed “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Ice Cold.” Value?          
  • Satsuma Pottery

    Q: What is this pottery? I think it's Japanese. I have complete tea set for 12 plus dessert plates and two serving plates. Any information would be appreciated.            
  • Weller Roba Vase

    Q:  I have a Weller vase and can’t find any Weller that looks like it. It stands about 9 inches tall and is 4 1/2 inches wide at the base. The sides are reddish brown and fade to a creamy tan at the top. I have no idea what the flower is. The bottom is marked “Weller Pottery, Since 1872.” It does have some crazing on the sides, but is in otherwise perfect condition. Can you tell me when it was made and a rough value?          
  • Mary Gregory glass round box

    Mary Gregory Glass

    Q: I bought this round Mary Gregory glass box about 40 years ago. Is anyone collecting this type of glass? What is it worth?          
  • Musical desk

    Tennessee Furniture is Top Drawer

    Regional furniture has unique designs, local traditions and rising prices. This 1819 honky-tonk musical desk was the top seller at a summer Tennessee auction that offered over a dozen pieces with regional Tennessee flair. It sold for ,720. Check out more homegrown finds.

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