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Enjoy today’s editor picks. Five antiques that represent iconic items that are hot, what collectors are looking for or just something unusual. What makes it unusual? To our editors it’s a perfect example, or a very rare one or an antique that is just plain weird. Each antique or collectible is chosen from thousands pictured in Kovel’s price books. To see more Register now for FREE access.

Today's Featured Antiques
  • Art Nouveau

    Match Safes
    Woman's Profile & Flowers, Sterling Silver, C.1900, Illustrated
  • Cup Holder

    Gilt Silver, Sawtooth Rim, Handle, Russia, c.1915, 3 x 4 In. Illustrated
  • Case

    Jewelry, Mother-Of-Pearl, Warwick Castle, 11 1/2 In., Illustrated
  • Sign

    S. & H. Green Stamps, Screen Painted, Sheet Steel, 2-Sided, 29 x 20 In. Illustrated
  • Drawing

    Animation Art
    Mickey`s Elephant, Graphite, Red Pencil, 1936, 12 x 10 In., illustrated
Today's Featured Premium Article
  • Georg Jensen Jewelry Going Up

    Silver and gold jewelry by Georg Jensen has been worn by celebrities and royalty since the early 1900s. There’s a reason why prices for this Scandinavian jewelry just keep going up. Antique and vintage pieces like this pair of earrings that were designed in 1913, and reveal the classic Jensen style sold in a recent New Jersey auction. See more fashionable Jensen designs.

  • The Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC

    New York City’s Four Seasons Restaurant is moving out of Mies van der Rohe’s Seagram Building on Manhattan’s east side after 57 years. The majority of the contents from the iconic interior designed by architect Philip Johnson went to auction.            
  • Are Antiques a Good Investment? Part IV, 1998–2017

    By 1998, there were fewer major shows. Some prices went down a little, some unusual collectibles set records and got publicity, but the ordinary things stayed at about the same level.          
  • Market Trends: Marble Busts are Back

    Life-sized marble busts are making a comeback. These torsos are popping up in sales and prices are the highest in years.          
  • Potlid

    Dr. Allport's Potlid

    Q: I found a Dr. Allports potlid while digging in Chicago. It’s is in excellent condition. What is the value?

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