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Enjoy today’s editor picks. Five antiques that represent iconic items that are hot, what collectors are looking for or just something unusual. What makes it unusual? To our editors it’s a perfect example, or a very rare one or an antique that is just plain weird. Each antique or collectible is chosen from thousands pictured in Kovel’s price books. To see more Register now for FREE access.

Today's Featured Antiques
  • Spurs

    Inlays, Late 1800s, 3 1/2-In. Rowels, Pair Illustrated
  • Churn

    Cobalt Blue Stenciled Label, Flourishes, Hamilton & Jones, Star Pottery, 5,c.1850, 18 In. Illustrated
  • Figurine

    Boy, Girl, On Sled, Silvered Lead, c.1920, 4 In. Illustrated
  • Jardiniere

    Lily-Of-The-Valley, Ferns, Minton Mark, 13 x 19 In. Illustrated
  • Pie Safe

    Cherry, Punched Tin, 16 Pinwheels, Gallery Back, 1800s, 64 x 42 In. Illustrated
Today's Featured Premium Article
  • Sadler Teapot

    Q: Can you tell me something about the age and maker of this teapot? It was given to me about 40 years ago by my husband’s aunt. It’s marked “Sadler” and “Made in England.” It’s 9 1/2 inches long and 5 1/2 inches tall.            
  • Furniture Made from Unconventional Materials

    I’m sitting on what? Designers have turned to new and unique materials throughout history. Marcel Wanders found a way to create a sturdy chair using a unique fiber used in airplanes. One can already be found in an important museum collection. See more revolutionary pieces of furniture and their auction prices.          
  • Magic Tricks

    Big stage magic shows filled auditoriums in the early 1900s and collectors hunt for the old tricks that are no longer made. This 1930s “spirit hand” is hard to find and new ones aren’t available. Uncover the sleight of hand as well as prices.          
  • Art Deco Nudes Lamp

    Q: I inherited this lamp from my dad’s cousin. His apartment was decorated in Art Deco. Can you give me an estimate of its value?            
  • Tin Windups

    We opened a catalog recently and found a “new” vintage tin windup toy made using the original design of a Germany company. Be on the lookout for these reproductions that are far less valuable than originals.          

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