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Peachblow glass was made by several factories beginning in the 1880s. Peachblow glass became very popular in 1886 when a seventeenth-century Chinese porcelain vase, called the Morgan vase, considered one of the best peachblow-glazed items ever made, was sold for $18,000. New England peachblow is a one-layer glass shading from red to white. Mt. Washington peachblow shades from pink to bluish-white. Hobbs, Brockunier and Company of Wheeling, West Virginia, made Coral glass that they marketed as Peach Blow. It shades from yellow to peach and is lined with white glass. Reproductions of all types of peachblow have been made. Related pieces may be listed under Gunderson and Webb Peachblow. For more information, explore our identification guides for art glass and its colors, glass decorations, and color names