Burmese Glass

Burmese glass was developed by Frederick Shirley at the Mt. Washington Glass Works in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1885. It is a two-toned glass, shading from peach to yellow. Some pieces have a pattern mold design. A few Burmese pieces were decorated with pictures or coralene (glass beads) or applied glass flowers of colored Burmese glass. Other factories made similar glass also called Burmese. Burmese glass was made by Mt. Washington until about 1895, by Gunderson until the 1950s, and by Webb until about 1900. Fenton made Brumese glass after 1970. Two-toned glass was very popular in the 1880s. Related items may be listed in the Fenton category, the Gunderson category, and under Webb Burmese. For more information, explore our identification guides for art glass colors, decorations, and glass tableware shapes